Wednesday, October 28


I had to take Charlotte for her flu shot last Thursday. Charlotte thought this was a great field trip while we were sitting in the waiting room. There were sheets to color, kids to look at, and a train that ran along the top of the ceiling. She would point to the train and shake her head "no" and say, "Scawey". (scary) I reassured her that the train was not scary.

I'm not sure if they are discussing scary things at day care since it's Halloween, but lately she wants to know whether something is scary or not.

The nurse led us back to the room and said she would be right back with the shots. Normally Charlotte runs all around the room, pulling at the drawers, trying to climb the ladder up to the top of the table, or if on the table, she rips every last piece of paper off. This time, however, she clung to me.

She didn't want to sing or read a book, she just wanted to sit there. She was really nervous. I tried to get her to think of something else, but she just kept cutting her eyes towards the door. I felt so bad for her. I am a nervous person by nature, so I know how she felt, her little stomach was probably churning.

The nurse came back in and Charlotte burst into tears immediately. She fought me when we laid her on the table. But, then she laid still and just cried while the nurse gave her the shots. Then I said the magic words, "If you stop crying you can get a lolly pop". She said, "wowwypop?" I said, "Yes, even though it is 9AM you can have a lolly pop". So, she dried her eyes and we went and picked out a bright yellow "wowwypop" and she happily sucked on it to day care.

Don't you wish some of your scariest moments were easily calmed by a lolly pop? Your boss calls you in for an "impromtu" meeting - just grab a lolly pop. Your being pulled over by a cop - get a lolly pop out of the glove box. When does it become so much more complicated?

And because every post (well, almost every post) should have a picture - here is Charlotte modeling the new boots that came in the mail today courtesy of her Grammie. Not sure when she'll get to stomp around in snow with them, but they sure are cute! - and not at all scary :)


Rachel said...

Oh my cute! Are you sure she can't walk down the aisle at the wedding? She can have a lollipop.


Those boots are so adorable! She'll probably never take them off!

Zane Hollingsworth said...

Great photos as usual. Are you desaturating any of the colors (browns, reds) in post? Using any specific action? Looks great.

Carrie Davis said...

@zane - yep, I have a set of actions that I love - Eye Candy actions by Sheye Rosemeyer. The two on the left I ran Pale & Interesting against - it desturates. But, I tend to always bring reds down with a Levels adjustment - my Nikon seems to shoot very red i'm finding.

Sara said...

Little sweetie looks precious in her boots. Maybe she can wear them to walk in puddles.

Al & Nina said...

Those boots are sooooooo cute!!! Grammie did good!! N