Tuesday, October 20

Cozy Coupe

Charlotte inherited cousin Lilly's Cozy Coupe on Sunday. She hasn't been out of it since then. She loves it. I knew she would. As soon as Emily told me that Lilly had outgrown it and that it could be Charlotte's, I couldn't wait to have it.

There is a funny story behind this little car. Judd and I gave it to Lilly for Christmas when she was 2 (or three?). We talked to Emily about it and she knew that's what Lilly was getting. We went to pick it up at Toys R Us and were so excited to find a purple and pink one. We put it together on Christmas Eve - and it wasn't easy - I remember Judd cursing those wheels. When everyone was opening presents on Christmas morning we wheeled it out of our room and into the living room - everyone made a big deal about it. Lilly climbed right in the car.

Then, Katie (Lilly's older sister) who was sitting in the middle of a HUGE pile of newly unwrapped toys said, "I'm just a little bit jealous". We all just laughed - I don't even think Katie would have fit in the car!

Charlotte wasn't even a thought in our mind then, and now look who is in the car that we bought for Lilly. Kinda funny what a little time does.

When I look at this picture, all I can think about is her driving away in a real car for the first time - I hope the next 14.5 years go by very slowly.


Sara said...

There are just nothing like the tried and true toys-Cozy Coupes and red wagons.

Sarah said...

love, love LOVE the sun flare! Matthew loved his Cozy Coupe and Connor is just being introduced to it :)

Rebecca said...

We bought Liam one back in April - a firetruck Cozy Coupe. He loves it! Zachary enjoys it too - I guess it says up to age 5 or something, and he can fit in it, but he looks funny when he climbs in.

Emily said...

I'm glad Charlotte's enjoying the car. Lilly has driven a lot of miles in it, and lots of neighborhood kids have enjoyed it as well. We loved visiting with you on Sunday.

The Johnsons said...

Your comment about driving a real car got me all teared up. She looks real happy. :)

Al & Nina said...

Charlotte looks so happy in her cozy coupe. I'm glade it continues to bring smiles. N