Thursday, November 19

Just know


Go ahead and throw your temper tantrums. Go ahead and throw your empty cup at me enraged because I won't get you more cheerios. Go ahead and fight me while I strap you into your carseat - arch that back! You can go ahead and cry and scream in my face because I'm making you pick your markers up. Go ahead and do all of these things and more - I know you need to do it.

You have an idea of what independence is and you feel you need to exercise that muscle. I get it, I understand.

I'm here for you. I'm here to set your boundaries. I'm here to show you what you are in fact independent enough to do.

I know you have can have stressful days too - it is hard to constantly learn - and I know that you are constantly learning because those eyes are always watching us, observing everything we do. Go ahead and get all of that stress out.

But, just know that after you are all done with that tantrum, you can always come back and climb in my lap - that no matter what you do, Daddy and I will always love you.


Sara said...

"Just know that no matter what you do, Daddy and I will always love you." That is a wonderful statement. You should always be able to rely on your parents to love you.

Ann said...

Ugh, Abby has been doing the back arching thing in the carseat too. Driving me crazy... have to literally muscle her in there. Love Charlotte's pigtails :-)