Monday, December 28



Over Christmas Charlotte spent a lot of time with her cousins, Katie and Lilly. She watched them closely observing everything they did. She tried to have a few conversations with Lilly, but her brain was thinking a lot faster than her mouth could form the words and she never quite got her point across.

Both Lilly and Katie got Nintendo DSi's for Christmas from Santa. They both had Nintendo DS's already. Lilly had her old DS with her, and Charlotte loved picking it up and "playing" the games just like her bigger cousins. She called it "Charlotte's DS". It was pretty cute to hear her say "DS" like she knew what she was talking about. At one point she was sitting my lap playing Lilly's old DS and Lilly was on the other couch. Lilly was taking pictures of me with her DSi and then distorting them. She'd show me and laugh and laugh at the huge chin she gave me, or really big nose. I think Charlotte was getting a little jealous of the attention I was giving to Lilly, so she shoved the DS she was holding in my face and said, "Look Mommy, Look at Charlotte's DS" She's so funny.

Here's the 3 of them playing with the DS's on Sunday morning. The shot was just too good to pass up.



Natalie at Our Old Southern House said...

oh my, she's growing up so fast!! it made me tear up just thinking about it. wow!

Sarah said...

That last picture is priceless!! It's so cute to watch the little ones try and be like big kids -- Connor is just starting to do that with Kathryn and Matthew :)

Al & Nina said...

Christmas was such fun. It was wonderful having all of you here. N

Emily said...

We enjoyed all of the time that we got to spend with you. Katie and Lilly still remind me at least twice a day of something that Charlotte said or did over Christmas. Anyway, I'm glad that she got to enjoy the DS and I know the girls will be glad to share again whenever Charlotte wants "her DS".