Monday, February 22

My Buddy


We are doing good despite missing the leading man in our lives terribly. Charlotte asks about him each morning when she sees he is missing from our bed. She talks about him and reminds me every day that he is going to bring her presents when he returns. She knows he is in "Australia" and lets everyone know that. I'm watching the DVR fill up with the shows that we watch together and I don't want to watch without him. I miss our time on the couch together each night.

Charlotte has been my little buddy lately, attached at my hip. I had a conversation with one of my oldest and dearest friends the other day about how much our little girls were going to become our buddies. We talked about how they already were. Today we were heading to dinner and as we pulled out of the driveway Charlotte said out of the blue, "Mommy's my friend." Yes, baby, I am your friend and hope that I always will be - but I know I'll always be your Mommy first.


Unknown said...

Carrie, I absolutely love all of Charlotte's facial expressions - she is such a doll. I also love all of her clothes! I hope Judd has a great time in Australia - ask for him to bring you back some original Tim Tams (cookies) and a Three Wishes Cadbury chocolate bar...they're the best! Hope you two are enjoying your time together :)

Zane Hollingsworth said...

LOVE the pics!

Sara said...

Oh, all of the fun you two will have together!