Wednesday, February 3

Pulling the Plug


There has been a debate going on in our house for a few months - to take the paci away from Charlotte or not. Judd thinks the sooner the better. I think naps and sleeping through the night are awesome and we should keep everything status quo.

Judd headed off to San Antonio and Austin this week. Talk about trial by fire with this whole stay at home mom thing. My first week and I'm alone with Charlotte for 3 days and 3 nights. So, what did I decide to do the first day he was gone - take away the paci. Smart huh?

I didn't intend to do it - it just kind of happened. She was laying in our bed watching TV and said something about "Babies and Pacis". So I said that, "Yes, babies use pacis - not big girls - and you are a big girl." She thought about it then I heard "UH HUH".

My heart started to race - this was my chance.

So, I said, "Well, we could send your pacis to Aunt Sally's baby, so when the baby is born he can have pacis." She said, "send pacis to Riley." (Riley is my mother's dog)

I decided to just go with it. So, I ran and got a box and we went through the house looking for pacis. We ended up finding about 8 pacis - they were under her crib, in my purses, etc. She did this happily - too happily. I was a nervous wreck - I wasn't sure I was ready for all of this to happen.

We headed to the post office. I actually chickened out at this point, I didn't think I could really go through with it. I needed the pacis as much as she did. I put my bills and cards in the mail box and pulled out of the parking lot. She said, "Send pacis to Riley, Mommy?" So, I pulled back in and we got out of the car.

We went into the post office and stood in line. When it was our turn we handed the box of pacis to the nice postal worker and I said, "We would like to mail these pacifiers to Riley". She just kind of stared at me. I said, "Yes, we want to send these, so can you please mail them." Then I looked at Charlotte as to say "Hint, Hint." I mouthed, "You can throw them away - PLEASE, just take them." She then got the point and said, "Sure thing - yes, I will send these - would you like a sticker?" Charlotte was thrilled with her new 1st class sticker and we went on our way.

Easy, huh?

Not that easy. On the way home from our other errands she started to get tired and whine. Nap time was horrible yesterday. She cried for 45 minutes before falling asleep for only 40 minutes. It was heartbreaking. She LOVED her pacis. They comforted her. I could hardly stand it. I tore open my book bag from our plane trips and found an extra. I was about to go in and give it to her - but then she got quiet and fell asleep.

Last night actually went well. She talked about it, but ended up falling asleep without a tear and slept through the night. I was THRILLED!

Today we went and bought a new special blanket because she was such a good girl to give up her pacis and send them to Riley. She went down for her nap well, but about 5 minutes later started crying. She cried for 20 minutes before falling asleep. So, the new blanket helped a little bit I guess.

This was a really hard thing for me to do. Probably one of the harder "growing up" things we have done so far. Bottles didn't bother me, even ending breastfeeding didn't bother me as much as this. I have been just as dependent on the pacis as Charlotte - but I knew the time was going to have to come sooner or later and jumped at the chance.

It is funny - I can already tell a difference. She talks to me a lot more while I read to her before naps and bedtime. She also sings along with me now when I sing to her in the rocking chair. Hopefully naps will get back to normal within a week or so.

One thing I learned - I won't attempt any other major changes while Judd is out of town!



Drena said...

This is like our swing issue. I know we have to eventually face it, but I just haven't figured out a time that I don't need him to nap good or sleep throughout the entire night.

Emily said...

You brave girl. Good for you and for Charlotte. I hope everything goes well for you this week.

Sara said...

Aunt Rachel's pacis went in Dad's sock drawer the day after she turned two. Oh, was it rough. Hope she doesn't read this, or she might still want them back :)

Too bad you didn't really send them to Riley. The thought of him running around with Charlotte's paci in his mouth really tickles me. Of course, what would happen when Charlotte came to visit?

Unknown said...

See, I didn't get to send mine anywhere or take a trip to the post office to send a fake package, mine just got shoved in a sock drawer, obviously I'm traumatized!!

Hope tonight's bedtime goes well!

Mel said...

Yay for you and Charlotte :-)

@Drena- just do it before our next girls' weekend :-)

Ann said...

Good luck! Each day will get better... believe me, it just gets more and more difficult the older they get. I won't even say how old my first two were when we finally got rid of it and it was really rough! Fortunately, Abby was never a fan...

Al & Nina said...

You and Charlotte are a great team. I hope each day is easier than the last as she adjusts to no pacis. I know it is more difficult with Judd out of town. Hang in there!! N