Monday, February 15



10 years ago Judd and I were a brand new couple on Valentine's Day. We had met 2 weeks earlier. He had made plans to take another girl out on Valentine's before we met - so we didn't go out on a date. However, he stopped by the sorority house on his way to pick the girl up.

We sat out on the back porch and exchanged cards. Then he handed me three roses. I thought it was sweet and thoughtful. I went out to dinner with my friends, and he went out with the other girl. (that was the last he went out with another girl while we were dating!)

A couple of years later the real story about the 3 roses came out. That first Valentine's Day he went to Kroger to pick up some roses. In true poor college guy fashion, he picked out a half dozen roses and asked the florist to split it into 2 bouqets. He said the florist just gave him a look, but complied with his request. So, that's what I got the first Valentine's we were dating - not my own bouqet of half dozen roses - but a split bouqet. Very romantic.

Friday Judd surprised me with a dozen roses. It was very sweet. I'm glad that I have finally made it to the full dozen - I'm just hoping it wasn't originally a bouqet of 2 dozen and there is someone else out their holding the other half :)


Allison D said...

He, he, he! I never knew that story. Classy!

Emily said...

Oh my gosh. That is so funny. a patient woman. I hope you had a great Valentine's Day, and I'm glad you got your own roses.

Drena said...

At least if he divides in the future with the other girl in his life I'm sure you won't mind (charlotte)