Tuesday, February 2

Two, part two

Charlotte had her 2 year appointment yesterday. It may have been my mommy ears - but I'm pretty sure the doctor said that she was perfect in every way.

Weight - 28 lbs 8 oz - 50-75%
Length - 35 inches - 75-90%
Head - 19 1/8 inches - 75%

What is she doing now that she's two?
  • She is speaking in sentences - her vocabulary amazes us every day.
  • She has recently started to use pronouns rather than "Mommy", "Daddy", "Charlotte" - she says, "I", "Me", "You", "she", "he", etc.
  • She is still sleeping in her crib - we don't have any plans to take her out.
  • Not potty trained - but we are pretty close to going for it.
  • She is singing more - she can sing all of "Happy Birthday" - and will sing parts of "You are my sunshine" and "Jesus loves me"
  • Can count to 10
  • Sings the ABC's if you sing it with her. - She skips some letters, but gets a lot of them.

She is a bright light in our lives. She makes every day happier. Sure, she has her stubborn, independence seeking side, but for every one of the times that side shows it's colors, there are five moments of joy. There are many times a day that I just look at her and my heart feels like it will burst.

Charlotte's 3rd and final birthday party was yesterday afternoon. We had a small party with a few of her best friends - you'll probably recognize the usual suspects.




Thanks for coming over and celebrating with us - I know that Charlotte had a great time - even if she did have some trouble letting everyone else play with her toys!


Sara said...

What a cute bunch! It warms my heart to see the children of the young women that I've known for a few years now, long before they were Mothers. The next generation-God is very, very, good!

Allison D said...
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Allison D said...

What a fun par-tay for Miss Charlotte! We had so much fun. Marshall and that baby doll...cracks me up.

Al & Nina said...

The children are adorable. They all look like they are having lots of fun.N