Friday, March 12

A Rainy Day

What do you do when it has rained for almost three straight days - and you are tired of your toys and the house (and let's face it, your mom too)?


When you see a little break in the clouds and the rain stops, you put on old clothes and your bunny boots and head outside to jump in puddles.


Then your neighbor sees how much fun your having and brings you a paper boat to float in the puddles.


Do you know what lives at the bottom of puddles? Worms!! So, you pick them up and let them squirm in your hand.


Then you take your new worm friends for a ride in their very own boat. What lucky worms.


Then you go back inside, take off your very wet clothes to put on dry ones and cuddle with your mom on the couch.


Sally said...

Sounds like a great way to enjoy the rainy weather! Looks like it was a great time!

Al & Nina said...

What fun!!! The pictures are GREAT! N


I nearly fell off my chair over that first picture! CLASSIC JUDD!!!