Tuesday, April 13

Big Girl Bed


Last Thursday we converted Charlotte's crib to a toddler bed or "big girl bed". Charlotte and I made a special trip to Target to find some bedding and Charlotte picked out a cute owl/forest print which matches her room pretty well. (Thank the Lord for Target - seriously, what did people do before it existed?) She helped me wash the bedding and then Judd put the bed together.

Charlotte jumped right in and pulled the covers up to her chin. She loved it. While I was getting dinner together, Judd told her she couldn't have something or other and she stomped her little foot and said, "I go to my big girl bed" and marched upstairs and sat in her bed. It was pretty funny. Judd and I thought, "well, guess we'll have a nice quiet dinner". She eventually came down and joined us for dinner.

She has done really well with the bed. She doesn't get out of it without Judd or I coming into her room in the morning or after nap. We have toddler proofed her room just in case.

She wasn't climbing out of her crib, she would have stayed in her crib until she was 5 if we would have let her. It is starting to get to the point where I am having a hard time lifting her over the rail and laying her on the mattress. Also, we will eventually need the mattress for the baby. So, we decided to go ahead and give it a whirl - so far so good.

It was more emotional than I thought it would be when I peeked in on her the first night before I went to bed. She looked SO big asleep with her head on a pillow and tucked into her covers. She is turning into a little girl right before my eyes.


Clh03uga said...

Wait until that new baby comes...she'll turn into a small giant overnight! :) She will look SO big compared.

charlsie said...

That is so funny. We have that same bed and we just switched Grace into the toddler bed. I am so happy that Charlotte is staying in bed. Grace has done good so far...