Monday, April 26


I've been keeping a little secret from all of you lovely blog readers. Charlotte and I have been up to something. Every Monday and Wednesday morning for the past four weeks we have packed up our swimsuits and headed to the Y for swimming lessons.

Why didn't I write about this sooner? I haven't been able to get a single picture to prove that we have actually been doing it. And, I have a really, really hard time blogging about something like this without a picture. But, this past Saturday we did a make up class since Judd and I were in NYC last Monday. Judd was able to come along and video tape.

When asked whether he would like to jump in the pool and be Charlotte's buoy or video tape, didn't take him long to decide. go figure.

Charlotte started out 4 weeks ago very excited about swimming lessons, but still not so sure that she wanted to let go of me - AT ALL. So, I was patient and let her fingernails dig into my neck and shoulders for a half hour two days a week. Then in the 3rd week, she grabbed onto a noodle and let go of me. It was the miracle my neck had prayed for - she swam solo holding onto a noodle. I was one proud mama.

Then this past week, she took it a step further. I put her little "backpack" on and held onto her waist. All of the sudden I felt her little legs pumping as hard as they could. So, I let go to see what would happen. She took off! "Swimming" all around. She was so proud of herself you could feel it. I was pretty darn proud too.

We have a little over a month before the pool opens. I'm hoping that these lessons will be fresh enough in her little brain and little muscles that she'll feel right at home there this summer.

Here she is in action.


Sally said...

Charlotte, you are swimming so well! I only wish that I could come down there and go swimming with you. Maybe this summer you will be able to come to grammie's house and we can find a pool and you can show me and cousin birm how you swim. Uncle Andrew and I are very proud of you. Love, Aunt Sally

Unknown said...

Awesome! I love it...Todd will be glad to teach you more when you come visit! He is an awesome swimmer.

Uncle Jim