Monday, April 5

Easter Weekend

We headed to the lake on Friday afternoon to spend Easter weekend with the Davis clan. As usual, we spent most of our time enjoying the sun (and pollen) on the dock, taking boat rides, eating, and talking. There was an egg hunt thrown into the mix on Saturday.

One of the highlights of the weekend were the 2 baby ducks that Judd's parents got for each of the cousins, Lilly, Katie, and Charlotte for a total of 6 ducks. With a little help from her Dad, Charlotte named her two ducks Cheese and Quakers. The little ducks have a few more weeks to spend growing up in a tub in their garage before they are released into the lake.

Charlotte had a wonderful time. The child was covered in dirt & sweat at the end of each day. (A sure sign you have played as hard as you can) She stuck to her cousin Lilly like glue. Lilly is 6 and could have ignored Charlotte, but instead she played and played with her. They jumped on the bed, chased each other, played with toys, and caught minnows out of Grandaddy's fishing bucket. It made me so excited about watching them grow up together.

The weekend would have been absolutely perfect except for one thing - Katie couldn't be there and we missed her!





Al & Nina said...

The weekend was such fun abd I love the pictures. N

Sara said...

Two precious girls!

Emily said...

Such sweet girls. We had a great time and Charlotte continues to crack me up. I'm glad y'all made it home safely.