Tuesday, April 6

Tame the Mane

The weather has been turning Charlotte's hair into an untamed mane the past few days. It is super curly. It isn't really long enough to do anything with. Every morning I try to put some water in it and comb it into place, but each afternoon it looks like this. It's pretty darn cute if you ask me, even if it isn't perfectly in place with a bow on top.




Mel said...

I can't believe how curly it is...it seems to just get longer and longer overnight!!

I love the curls :-) Plus, the bedhead look is in!

Sally said...

How can you not love those beautiful blonde curls on top of that cute little head. I think untame mane is the way to go this summer :) Hopefully the blonde won't turn green this summer from pool time.

Rebecca said...

That is so funny - Liam's hair looks EXACTLY the same right now! It's a little curly in the mornings but by the time afternoon rolls around it's wild & crazy & curly. In fact, they would look like twins from the back! :)

m said...

Wow! I had no idea she had such curls. That is too cute! I wish someone had curls here, but no luck.

Sarah said...

I had no idea she had such curly hair! Just leave it -- no taming required :) Very cute!!