Monday, June 21

Decatur Beach Party

I have wanted to attend the Decatur Beach Party since we moved here. Decatur closes down a section of Ponce De Leon and covers it with sand. Everyone brings buckets, shovels, and other sand toys to play. There is a band, inflatables to jump in, fun food, etc.

This year Erin and I talked Dave and Judd into taking the girls. Despite the heat and sticky, sticky sand stuck all over us, we had a great time.

It was CROWDED on the sand. We had about a 1'x 1' area to squish into.




After playing in the sand for a while, we headed over to listen to the band. It was a group of guys singing kid's songs - and the girls loved it. They jumped and danced all around.


I think there was enough sand in our car afterwards to have our own beach festival next year.

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Sara said...

What fun! A super big sandbox and lots of nifty sand toys. Grammie would love it.