Wednesday, June 16

A trip to PA

Last Saturday morning, Judd went to Hawaii while Charlotte and I traveled to my parent's house in Mechanicsburg, PA. I briefly toyed with the idea of Charlotte and I tagging along to Honolulu, but the visions of 10 hour airplane rides with a very active 2.5 year old were keeping me awake at night. I'm a fairly brave traveler with a toddler, but not that brave.

We got to Baltimore on Saturday morning and the Cianfichi shuttle drove us to my parent's house. (Thanks again Rachel & Adam!) We had a wonderful afternoon visiting with both of my grandmothers, both of my sisters and their husbands, my parents, and last but certainly not least - my beautiful nephew. This was the first meeting between Charlotte and Jacob. She thought he was pretty cool.




After a relaxing Sunday morning reading the paper:


my parents, Charlotte, my grandmother, and I went to church. Charlotte refused to go to the nursery and I didn't make her. So, she and I sat in the chapel and listened to the service while my parents and grandmother sat in the sanctuary. Then, Charlotte decided to throw an absolute tantrum on the ride home. The child turned into an animal - she forced her body so hard against the straps in her car seat they left marks on her shoulders! After some "sprinkle pancakes" whipped up by Granddad, she took a nice long nap.

Monday morning Charlotte and I headed to Knoebels to meet one of my dearest friends, Adrienne and her daughter, Sophia. Adrienne and I spent about 3 years attached at the hip in middle school/high school. We haven't lost touch since. Sophia is adorable and so well behaved. Both girls were, really. I don't think a single tear was shed in the time that we were there. They were both very brave and rode lots of rides.

She loved this ride! I was terrified to put her on it. Doesn't she looks so big, yet so little at the same time?


Why so serious?




Charlotte and I attempted to come home on Tuesday evening. We went to the Harrisburg airport and expected to get on the plane - there were about 8 seats open and I felt pretty confident we would get 2 of them. The flight was supposed to leave at 5:35, we got to the gate about 5. Charlotte and I ended up waiting there until 9pm when my mom picked us up to head back to their house. The storms in ATL kept our plane grounded and they wouldn't give us an indication of when it would ever leave. So, I made the decision to take Charlotte back and let her have a somewhat decent night's sleep rather than wait it out.

We made it back to Atlanta this afternoon. I would like to take a minute and brag about my child. She was an awesome traveler. In all of the time we had to wait around the BORING Harrisburg airport last night, she only really lost it once. She was able to be entertained with walks down the hallways, looking at books, just whatever. Then after only 8 hours sleep last night, we got on a 1 o'clock flight today. She hadn't napped at all before the flight. She was awesome on the plane - she put some stickers in books, watched a few minutes of Yo Gabba Gabba and then went to sleep. Not a single tear. Maybe I she would have been OK on the 10 hour flight back from Honolulu? I pray that this little boy kicking inside of me will travel as well as his big sister.

We are all unpacked and Charlotte is sound asleep in her bed. As much as I love being with my family and had an awesome time, it is always so nice to be back home.

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Allison D said...

I give both of you girls credit for hanging in there so well through all that! I love the pic of your dad and Char reading the paper. That cracks me up.