Monday, June 7

The Weekend

Our weekend started off Friday evening with a torrential downpour and a pizza dinner at the Himes residence. It has been a little while since Judd and Dave played together, so I accepted Erin's invitation for a night off from cooking. The girls tore the house apart, fought over toys, ate dinner, had a bath together, read stories, and went to bed.

I put Charlotte in their guest bed with a pillow on either side of her. She looked so little laying there in that big double bed. About an hour later Erin said she heard talking from that room. I looked in and Charlotte was just sitting there in the bed talking and singing to herself. I kissed her good night again and she eventually fell asleep.

Saturday morning I had a Mommy & Me session at Piedmont Park. Charlotte was a bit of a pill on Saturday. Judd and I planned to take her to the PDK airshow, but she refused to get dressed and threw a huge tantrum. We ended up heading to the pool about an hour later.

Saturday night we attempted to have movie night. I think she's still a little young. I thought she'd get into the music and animation of a good Disney movie, but she just kept asking questions and didn't really get it. She did, however, love eating her bowl of popcorn.

After church on Sunday, Judd spent a lot of the day researching refrigerators. Ours seemed to be leaking water out of the bottom and didn't feel too cold. It came with the house and Lord only knows how old it is. It looks pretty old. After a suggestion from my father on Sunday evening, Judd cleaned out the evaporation pan and vacuumed underneath. Today, it seems to be running fine and no leaking. So, expense avoided? maybe for now.

This week it is business as usual. Pool, grocery shopping, sandbox, story time at the library, naps, and popsicles.


Mel said...
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Mel said...

I don't know what happened to my comment....I think that I combined too of my comment and then it deleted. Whatever

What it meant to say was that when I had Ariyana that night I tried to watch The Princess and the Frog with her in the am and she just kept saying "what happened?" and "where's the frog". HA! Your movie night reminded me of that.

Also, on the other post, I love the picture, and what a cute subject you had. I love her blue eyes....they make her look so innocent.

Hopefully it will post this time.