Saturday, July 17

Morning at the Park

Judd hit the road again yesterday afternoon to go to North Georgia for a Guys Weekend with his friends. He needed to go to spend time with the guys, but the timing couldn't have been much worse since he just got home from a long trip late Wed night.

I took Charlotte over to Piedmont Park this morning for an outing. We have been going to the same parks lately, and I thought it would be a nice change. We walked around, we played, and we stopped at the Farmer's Market for a snack. (They have a "Green Market" every Saturday morning at the park)

She is getting so big!

Who wants some ice cream????

"Mommy, we are going to get a snack after I swing!"

Just being goofy.


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Sarah said...

Seriously, could she BE any cuter?? These are adorable :)