Thursday, July 8

New Fridge


Monday we broke down and purchased a new refrigerator. We felt it was only a matter of time until the one we had gave out. It came with the house, which we bought 7 years ago, and we don't know how long it has been in this house. But it looks OLD. It was to the point where it looked dirty no matter how much you cleaned it. We also wanted to go ahead and get one before the old one died - I wanted to be able to pick the one I wanted and not be at the mercy of inventory, etc.

The new one isn't top of the line, but it sure is a big step up for us. The water and ice maker actually work!! Can you believe that this will be the first time in our married life that we have a working ice maker? How have we survived? :) (My sensitive teeth and I have been just fine sans ice - but I know my southern husband has been missing it)

A couple of things I learned in the process of buying this fridge:

1. Did you know you can cash in Delta SkyMiles for gift cards? One of the places you can get a gift card for your SkyMiles is Lands End. Did you know you can use Lands End gift cards at Sears? It's pretty cool. We ended up cashing in our SkyMiles for $600 - money we could use towards the purchase of the refrigerator.

2. If you have a working second fridge, Georgia Power will come pick it up for you and give you $35. Our pick up date isn't until 7/31 - so it takes a while, but not a big deal since we can just leave it in the garage until then.

Edited to Add:
I didn't know this was such a point of contention. Yes, I refrigerate my peanut butter. It tells me to.


Natalie at Our Old Southern House said...

1. cooper puts the peanut butter in the fridge; i take it out. we go back and forth. haha
2. i love the gift card/sky miles thing--that's great.
3. we just sold our stove and microwave for $300; we bought it in 2007 for $325. i love craigs list. i've sold a 1939 stove, washer & dryer for the 70s and a refrigerator from the 60s, among other things! people will buy anything!
love the new fridge...and the new ice!

Emily said...

Uh, Carrie,

Peanut Butter in the fridge???? We can't wait til tomorrow to see you and Charlotte.

Sarah said...

Haha on the peanut butter -- we use natural peanut butter, too! So it's always in the fridge :)