Saturday, July 10


Yesterday afternoon Aunt Emily and Lilly arrived to spend the night with Charlotte and I. Charlotte screamed and ran around the house for the first 15 minutes or so - she was SO excited to see her big cousin Lilly. They played together while Emily and I chatted.

We got our bathing suits on and drove to the pool only to be greeted by some thunder. We went back to the house for an hour to let the thunder pass. Back to the pool we went and swam in the drizzle. We didn't mind - you are getting wet anyway, right? After swimming we had "cheeseboogers" at Five Guys followed by ice cream from Bruster's for dessert.

There was more playing and swimming this morning - it all began earlier than Lilly would have liked.

It was a great visit and we both had such a good time. Charlotte napped for almost two hours after they left - the first nap in 3 days! Lilly was a wonderful big cousin and I feel so lucky to have a sister-in-law that I enjoy spending time with. Thanks for making the trip guys!


Emily said...

We had a blast. I'm glad that Charlotte finally got her nap. Lilly has not stopped talking about the fun that they had and wants to come back soon. Thanks for being such a great hostess.

Allison D said...

First nap in THREE days! Oh, Carrie! Talk about timing