Friday, July 16

Root Beer Cake


Not quite a year ago, I was given the cook book "Baked" from a friend. I have made a few recipes from the book and they have all turned out fabulous. I asked Judd what he wanted for his birthday - chocolate cake, cupcakes, or cobbler. When he said he wanted chocolate cake, I knew just what I would make - the Root Beer Bundt Cake from the Baked Cook Book.

It is really easy and REALLY, REALLY yummy. Charlotte and I got to work on it yesterday. We mixed up the cake around lunch time and iced it after her nap.


In the process, she had her first taste of root beer, ate many, many chocolate chips, and could not keep her fingers out of he frosting. Baking with a 2.5 year old is pretty challenging. You have to just know that you are going to be cleaning up a much bigger mess than you would have normally made, and at one point I was so distracted by her that I almost put baking powder in rather than baking soda. But, she loves helping, so it is worth it in the end. (I think)


Here's the recipe - just click to enlarge, then print!


Unknown said...

Yum!! Looks like lots of fun and I'm sure it tasted great!! It reminds me of when Grammie used to let us help her bake, she probably ended up cleaning up twice as much mess.

desidou said...

What? No recipe! I'm sad :(

Happy BDay to your husband. This cake sounds DELICIOUS. My hubs's bday is coming up in a few weeks. I may have to scavenge for the recipe for this one. He always wants "Jello Cake". Blech.

m said...

This may be my next item to bake, maybe Sunday....