Thursday, September 23



The slow days of summer have definitely ended - we have become very busy all of the sudden.

It started a month or so ago when the photography business really picked up. I was contacted by two different etsy sellers to do product photography for their products. I shot the Halloween line and Christmas line for Inkspot Workshop. Please click over and look at the Halloween line - it is SUPER cute and will make you want to throw a Halloween party. I also had 5 family sessions since labor day, 3 of them this past weekend. It is a lot of fun to be busy with photography, but it has meant pictures of Charlotte have been scarce. And, I won't get a 35 week maternity picture up this week. I have loved every minute of the sessions, though - it just makes me realize that I love photography - and especially capturing the personalities of children. To capture that one magical moment is an awesome feeling.

We went to the playground yesterday afternoon and there were 2 little boys playing with their daddy. Charlotte asked where their mommy was. I replied that I didn't know. She said, "She's probably taking pictures of people".

Here's Charlotte taking a picture of me (looks like a natural, huh?)

This week things aren't slowing down. Charlotte's school, Oak Grove Young Children's School, is having their consignment sale this weekend. It is HUGE. It brings in tons of money for the school. I was asked to be on the consignment sale committee - which means I will be there a lot this weekend. I am excited to see how the operation runs.

Judd has been great through all of this. He has been super supportive of the photography, and hasn't complained once about watching Charlotte a little more than usual on the weekends.

After Sunday, life should slow back down. For that I am grateful. I will need a couple of weeks to relax before our lives are hectic again with a newborn in the house, then the holidays. I can't believe we are 4.5 weeks away from the due date. I can't believe our house will have a 4th person in it.

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Sally said...

I am so excited for Davis Party of 4. Please take time to rest and relax before Baby Brother comes along. Hugs and Kisses to you all. Love, Sally, Andrew, and Baby Jacob :)