Tuesday, September 14

Naps (or lack thereof)


I'm afraid Charlotte is in the process of dropping her nap. We have been struggling with it for a couple of months. I think I have been in denial. Of course this happens just before a newborn comes into the house. Just when I will depend on her nap time the most.

She is napping (always with a fight) about every other day. The days she doesn't nap, she has "quiet time", which is never quiet. I think I need to get a timer for her room, so that she is quiet until it dings. There are multiple calls to "MOOOOOMMMMMMYYYYYY" for a snack, drink, to help her with a toy, etc. Any suggestions for a quiet "quiet time" are appreciated.

On the days she does nap, I usually have to lay down with her - sometimes in our bed. It is to the point that it is such a struggle and fight that I'm about to just drop them all together and put her to bed a half hour earlier or so - especially now that it is getting darker earlier.

If she doesn't nap, she is usually OK until about 5:30 - then she's pretty cranky. Or, she falls asleep in the car in the afternoon if we run errands. On Saturday she didn't nap, but fell asleep on the couch watching Dora while I helped Judd put together her new dresser. She's never fallen asleep while watching TV. Which makes me wonder if she really does still need the nap?

It's always the same - just when you are in the groove, they change and you have to guess all over again.


Allison D said...

Oh good lord, say it isn't so!? I was in denial for you and with you on this one.
...and she totally looks like Judd in that picture. haha!

Carrie Beth said...

Handley stopped napping between 18-21 months. I tried "quiet time" in her room for a while, but ran into the same issues you are. She was not happy in there, always calling for me, etc. I eventually went to "rest time" on the couch. I put on a movie or recorded shows for her and lay down the law. If she gets off the couch (except to go to the bathroom) then she had to go to her room to rest. Sometimes she would fall alseep while watching TV and other times she would stay awake the entire time. Now she is always awake, but at least I know I have that time when both girls will be sleeping or "resting" and I can get some stuff done. Good luck!

Clh03uga said...

Hudson dropped naps too...can't remember when I just remember it being a struggle everyday at nap then by the time he finally took one I was so worn out I'd let him sleep even though it was later than I wanted and then we'd do it all again at bedtime. We finally gave up the naps, but moved bedtime up earlier, and I LOVE having my evenings. Both babies are now asleep most nights by 7:30. :) Good luck.