Thursday, September 16

Twirly Girl


There was a conversation between Judd and I while I was pregnant with Charlotte. I remember it distinctly - we were riding in the car going down Lawrenceville Hwy and Judd was doing something goofy. He was making up words to a song, and I was cracking up. It was something that he would only do in front of me, never his friends for fear of being uncool - just something goofy you do with people that know you better than anyone else.

Then, he turned to me and said, "What if she isn't funny? What if she doesn't understand our humor? or us?" I hadn't really thought about that. What if she just wasn't funny. There are those people - no sense of humor - they just don't get it. I always have thought of that in the back of my mind. Just a little worried about it.

But, that little baby that we worried about IS funny. VERY funny. She does get it - she gets us. She understands her Daddy's goofy songs - and even lately sings goofy songs back to him. She knows what it is to make people laugh - and loves to be funny. She has funny dances and knows they make me laugh. Last weekend she had me laughing so hard I was crying - twice.

I know one day Judd and I will be completely uncool and embarrass her to death. But, I hope that when she isn't in public, in the house with us or the car, she will always be able to let loose and be goofy with us. It is so important to me that she knows she can just be herself around us. We are so in love with our little goofball.


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Sara said...

One of the dearest things I ever heard in my life was Judd making up a story for Charlotte, as he was putting her to bed (heard over the intercom). She would add things along the way, as he told the story. He was nurturing her imagination. That is a wonderful gift! Carrie, you always had a wonderful sense of humor. I cherish the times you were silly with Dad and me.