Monday, September 27

We made it through our busy weekend. I ended up working at the Oak Grove Young Children's School Consignment Sale most of the night Thursday night, Friday morning, and Saturday morning into Saturday afternoon. This sale was VERY successful for the school - a huge amount of clothing, toys, etc were sold. I was able to shop a little bit and was able to get most of Charlotte's fall wardrobe plus an Ergo baby carrier for the new baby. I was pretty pumped with my finds.

Working the sale was a lot of fun. I got to talk to a lot of other moms from the school and visit with moms from the community that I have met over the past couple of years. For a girl that is used to always being the "new" one in town, it is nice to finally feel settled in a community.

Today, Judd's co-workers through a shower for us. It was so nice to see everyone that Judd talks about on a daily basis. It was very thoughtful of them. I always feel just a little guilty when people want to have showers for us with the 2nd baby. After the shower, we headed over to the Delta Museum to pick up some pictures for that baby's room. It is an airplane theme, and we were able to pick up some vintage airplane pictures and postcards for the walls. Charlotte liked getting a closer look at the big airplane.


This afternoon, Charlotte decided to make her bed on the fireplace. It looked really uncomfortable to me, but she insisted. She ended up watching most of the Wonder Pets in this position.


Tonight at dinner, she decided to say the blessing. This is how it went:

"Nice and slooooooow"
"Nice and slooooooow"
"Nice and fast"
"Nice and smelly"

No idea where she got that - but it cracked us up.


Sarah said...

OK, I was CRACKING up at that dinner prayer -- so cute!! And don't feel guilty -- you need boy things, right? :)

diane said...

Barbie doesn't look too comfy either :)

m said...

Too cute! Charlotte and Caroline are so alike! She used to make a bed on the skinny, wood coffee table in the living room and insist on resting there. Curious if your little guy will be like Owen - good luck!