Saturday, November 8

Thanksgiving Feast

It was a little early, but Charlotte's daycare had a Thanksgiving Feast on Thursday. It was at 5:00pm, so Judd couldn't make it. He was pretty sad about it. I picked her up at 4:45pm and we headed to the church's fellowship hall for the dinner. They had the tables set up by class, so we found the Infant 2 table that had Charlotte's placemat set up:

I thought that was a nice touch. It must have taken some extra time (and I'm sure those infant room teachers don't have much extra time) to get all of their footprints and hand prints. I can only imagine trying to get Charlotte to be still long enough to capture a hand print.

We had the usual Thanksgiving feast food, turkey, stuffing, rice, green beans, and pumpkin pie. It was all cooked by the daycare chef. It was actually pretty good. The after school kids did some "singing" on stage. I kept looking up there thinking there was no way Charlotte would be that big one day.

There is a 1 year old in Charlotte's class, Declan. His parents sat at our table and I got to know them. Declan is their first child, and cute, cute cute!


Sara said...

I'm so glad you got to go. These are such special things. I'm very impressed with how much time the staff put into the dinner. Parents appreciate these things so much. It makes for wonderful memories! I had a child in my class several years ago named Declan. He was very cute and sweet, too! Love the name.


Rebecca said...

How fun! We have never gotten to do anything like that with either of ours. I'm glad yall had a good time! And the placemat was such a nice touch. It makes me laugh when they tell us that the babies did art that day. It's like, what goes into a baby doing art??? Oh, and we have a Declan in Liam's class too - how random! I think he is also 1.

Emily said...

Charlotte's placemat cracks me up. Her hand print looks like it is on the move. We will miss y'all this Thanksgiving, but I hope you have a great time with your family.