Friday, April 17

Beach Bound


Charlotte's new crocs for the beach. (This picture is dedicated to my sister-in-law)

I love going on vacation - especially to the beach. But, I hate the day before vacation. It is always so busy and hectic - especially now that there is a one year old thrown in the mix.

Today I had a few big things on my list: take the car for oil change, drop off Jody at the kennel, clean the house (because I hate coming home to a dirty house), pack Charlotte's bag and my bag, and a million other little things.

So, I took the car to the shop first thing this morning. It turned out to be more than an oil change, so they gave me a loaner car for the day while they worked on it. I went home and got Jody to take her to the kennel. After the kennel, on the way home I was feeling good, I was getting a lot accomplished and it was only 11 o'clock. So, I decided I would stop by Old Navy to see if there were any last minute items I needed for the beach.

As I was gaining speed on the on-ramp to 285 the person in front of me slammed on their brakes. Who stops on an on-ramp! I stomped my foot as hard as I could on the brake, but it didn't matter. I hit the truck in front of me! I couldn't believe it. I haven't had an accident in 9 years and I have it the day I'm driving a loaner car with only 80 miles on it. The guy that I hit was very nice, there wasn't a scratch or dent on his truck, seems the car I was driving hit his hitch. We didn't call to get a police report, just exchanged info and drove on.

When I returned the car the dealership was very nice. They called with the estimate and I'll have to file with insurance - the estimate was a lot more than the deductible. Judd was also good about it. I think I'm the one being the hardest on myself.

Judd's downstairs packing the car now. I'll be happy to get on the road tomorrow morning and truly be in vacation mode - let the stress of today stay behind in Atlanta.


Rebecca said...

That stinks that he stopped on the ramp! Ugh! Glad you are OK, and hope yall have fun at the beach!

Drena said...

no fun, but have fun on vacation!

Emily said...

sorry about the wreck and thanks for the crocs dedication. Charlotte's feet are cute enough that I can overlook those horrible shower shoes. LOL Anyway, have a great time at the beach.

Al & Nina said...

Sorry about the accident. Hope the beach trip is lots of fun, with lots of picture. Love, N