Saturday, October 17

Just Us Girls

Just us girls this weekend. Judd is in Nashville for a guys weekend. Charlotte has been really good today - she is at such a fun age.

We braved the cooler temps this morning to go to the playground at Piedmont Park. I'm enjoying these Fall temperatures but wish that the sun would come out, I don't think we've seen the sun since last Sunday. Charlotte played and played on the playground. If you haven't been to Piedmont Park lately, you should go check it out. The new playground by the pool is awesome. It is perfect for all ages of kids - there is something for everyone to do. Charlotte ran from object to object this morning screaming and laughing - she had a great time. She would make it through an obstacle - like a tunnel or slide - and say "I got it, Mommy." She was very proud of herself. She is a little obsessed with "bugs" lately. She thought every spec of dirt on the playground equipment was a bug and would want me to brush it off.

After the playground, we headed over to the open air market they have every Saturday morning.

I'm thinking we may head to the mall this afternoon/evening and do a little shopping. Charlotte needs a winter coat - I have seen a lot of them, but feel like it is such a commitment, I want to find the perfect one. I also had some boot envy last week at story time. This one mom had on fabulous boots - so maybe I'll go scope some out. I'm not too stylish though, hopefully I can pull it off. I've had the same wardrobe every winter for the past few years - jeans, solid tees, and Dansko's - I think it's time to mix it up a little.


Sara said...

Hope you and Charlotte are having a fun weekend! Did you find a coat for her or boots for you? We had a very nice evening for Dad's birthday. We missed you!

Natalie at Our Old Southern House said...

we were at the playground too yesterday around 3pm!! (we were there w/my photography class) mm liked the swing okay, but was really unsure of the slide-haha!
also, i understand the coat thing. i've got 3 from consignment sales (like $5 apiece), a nice sunday one (too much $), and a few sweater-cardigans i had made on etsy...i thought these would be more practical for her everyday. she's still so little that she's carried everywhere and i didn't want to carry a really big bundle..haha!

Rebecca said...

Josh was in Nashville for a guys weekend too! Hope yall had a good time. I'm totally exhausted, and glad he is home.