Saturday, January 30

Let the party start

We kicked off Charlotte's birthday weekend with cupcakes in her class on Friday afternoon. She was SO excited that Mommy and Daddy were bringing cupcakes to her class. She is one of the last in the class to have her 2nd birthday - so I think she has watched all of the other kids have cupcakes in their honor - finally it was HER turn.


It was also her last day at school. Her class made her a card and everyone wished her well and gave her big hugs. I got a little sad that this chapter of our life was closing - but very happy about the next one just beginning.

We celebrated down at the Davis' today with lunch, a cake, and presents. It was a lovely party with lots of love and family.



Her new bike:


Monday is officially the big day - we will celebrate again with one more little party.


Ann said...

Great pictures! Love Charlotte's outfit.

Sarah said...

Happy Birthday to Charlotte :) She is so cute -- love the new bike!

Rebecca said...

Happy early birthday to Charlotte! Hard to believe they are already 2!!

Sara said...

Happy Birthday to a precious sweetheart!


Allison D said...

What fun it has been to watch her grow over the past two years. She is such a cutie. LOVE the tights. See you guys this afternoon!