Monday, May 3

Zoo and Other Things


Friday morning we headed to the zoo with Allison and Marshall. Judd and I got a yearly pass to the zoo a few weeks ago which allows me to take one other adult and up to 3 other kids with us for free! So, if anyone wants to head to the zoo - just let me know! Other great things about the zoo - it opens at 9:30 am, parking is free, and you can bring food in - so no need to buy lunch there. Even if you aren't into seeing the animals, there is a petting zoo, a couple of playgrounds, a train ride, and a couple of other rides.

Friday morning we got there about 9:45 and were right behind about 20 school buses letting kid after kid after kid out. It was CRAZY for the first half hour or so. I was so busy trying to keep Charlotte from being knocked over by 5th graders that it was hard to enjoy it - but then we got into the groove and had a great time. Marshall and Charlotte loved seeing the animals and then enjoyed taking a break for lunch.



After lunch we headed to the petting zoo. Charlotte loves to grab a brush and brush all of the animals.


However, Al snapped this picture just as Charlotte thought it would be a good idea to brush her own hair. (YUCK! Luckily we haven't found any lice yet :) )


The rest of our weekend was a good. We headed to the lake on Saturday for Judd's cousin Jennifer's wedding shower. We had yummy homemade ice cream and cake - both of which Charlotte could NOT wait to eat - then headed out on the boat for a nice boat ride on Saturday afternon. I would have pictures of that - but I realized when I pulled out my camera on Saturday afternoon that I had forgotten my memory cards a home. Guess the pregnancy brain is starting to kick in!!

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diane said...

so fun! Let me know when you want to head there again! We have a blast there!